About 2 pound

Stephen Murray is the founder of 2 Pound and a 15 year veteran of the interactive entertainment industry. As a college instructor and a long time employee of Electronic Arts he has kept many a project off the rocks.

Stephen has a BS in Computer Information Systems and Cognitive Science with postgraduate certificates in Software Engineering & Project Management as well as a postgraduate diploma in International Business. He is also in the process of studying for an overseas MBA and is a PMP certified Project Manager from PMI.org.


Usability is an attribute of quality and the convergence of experience marketing, consumer needs analysis, engineering psychology and product design. Delivering a product that flows efficiently, anticipates user needs, compliments user abilities and exceeds user expectations is the foundation of the quality experience. Integrating user-centered practices throughout the project lifecycle should be a Project Managers top best practice methodology.

The ultimate goal of a usability expert is to evangelize and facilitate development teams to eventually recognize, prioritize and solve usability problems on their own, and thus make the consultants job obsolete.

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